Oct 15

Kylo Ren DIY Costume and Lightsaber

Here’s something for the Star Wars fan who wants a fresh costume for this years Halloween.

By now you’ve seen the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and Kylo Ren definitely seems interesting enough for a Halloween costume.

In the video above by Cinefix, they show you how to make a lightsaber and costume at home so you don’t have to go out and buy one.

All the instructions, steps and material are included.

-via YouTube

Sep 15

Complete Your Outfit With These Horrific High Heels

horror high heels

Thinking about the perfect pair of shoes to complete that costume?

These are perfect and you can get a whole lot of them from the Etsy shop Steamhatter which is owned by a user going by the name of Kali Dragonslayer.

Other than these horrific shoes, the shop also boasts some frightening purses.

There’s one purse that looked like a badly bloodied skull and one that looked like it was filled with intestines.

However, it’s the pumps pictured above that got my attention with all those bleeding eyes staring at me.

Check out Kali’s work and maybe even get something to top off that costume.

– via Bloody Disgusting